Consistent & Reliable – your experience

Don’t struggle with inconsistent broadband. Enjoy the best connection with Multifi always.


Ultra-Fast Internet – your need for speed

With ultrafast Internet, faster upload and download speeds make buffering a thing of the past. High speed internet access opens up a range of entertainment opportunities, such as:

  • High definition video conferencing
  • Video on-demand
  • Advanced TV services such as 3D, quad and ultra-HD
  • Online gaming

Affordable Price – Value for your Money

You don’t have to spend more. Get a premium broadband experience at affordable prices.Multifi offers value for money broadband plans for all your downloading and online entertainment needs.


On demand entertainment – Your partner behind the scenes

Don’t restrict your online entertainment. Make the most of on-demand TV, movies and games at ultra-fast speeds.


Wide range of Broadband Plan – according to your budget

Multifi offers wide range of ultra-fast broadband plans up to 100 Mbps. isn’t it amazing? Then why wait? Contact us and we’ll help you choose a broadband plan best suited to your need and budget.


Dedicated 24*7 Help Centre – experience staff for your help

Talk to us any time you need help. Our dedicated help centre provides technical support round the clock for network monitoring & fault rectification. You can write to us at and we’ll get in touch with you at the earliest.